Chinchilla Care

Chinchilla Care and Safety Instructions for Housing and Feeding

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Chinchilla care requires at least the basing knowledge for your first steps having a chinchilla. Before you buy a chinchilla, you must consider some factors. Many of them you can find in Chinchilla Information category and subcategories. Other factors, very important, are the housing and feeding.

For Housing, you must consider the cage you will buy to be large and safe. The accessories for the cage must be safe. You must try to make a chinchilla’s safe and amuse environment.

For Feedingyou must consider to supply a rich and safe chinchilla nutrition. Chinchilla’s health is most based on their digestive system. Most health problems arise from a bad and full of fats diet.

A good and proper care for your chinchilla is the most essential thing you can do and that promises healthiness and longevity for your chinchilla. As for all animals that we have as pets, we must dedicate time and effort, in daily basis, to keep them clean, safe and properly feeding based on their health needs and not to our desires or diets. These factors contribute for a healthy and happy pet!

Respect their needs. Stress can also affect a chin’s health. They are quite prone to stress and this lead to health problems and diseases. They have difficulties to adopt and need time. Chinchillas are nervous and they can easily be stressed if they do not be handled as they should. Handle them with care and do not over-handle them. Please understand the nature of chinchillas and respect that! 

Chinchilla care, except the basing knowledge for your first steps having a chinchilla, requires understanding, patience and time, to avoid stress-related behavioral problems and build a positive relationship with your chinchilla. A proper care of your chinchillas will result to healthy and happy chinchillas.

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