Cage Accessories

Chinchilla Cage Accessories – Toys, Chews, Shelves, Sleep and Feed Accessories

The first and main rule is that chinchilla cage accessories should never be made of plastic or other hazardous materials.

Chinchilla Feed Bowl

Chinchilla Food Metal Safe Bowl Feeding Food Eating

Chinchilla Food Metal Safe Bowl Feeding Food Eating

The food bowl, which is used mainly for their pellets, must be secure to accommodate the chinchilla’s weight and prevent it falling over dispelling all the pellets inside. Chinchillas use to sit on the rim of their food bowl whilst eating. A metal food bowl that sets in a holder, or it has screws that is attached to the side of the cage is the best option. Their food bowls must be cleaned at least 2-3 times in a week.



Chinchilla Water Bottle

Chinchilla Water Bottle

The most common type of chinchilla water bottle is the one that referred to as ‘gravity bottles’. That water bottle has a ballpoint tube, which prevents water from leaking. They exist in many shapes. The smallest one is more than adequate for one or two chins, keeping in mind that you will change their water every day. All though never buy only one water bottle. Have at least one spare because they tend to fail as time past or they can be broken by the chin if he chews them a lot. Try to supervise every day the water bottle for leaking or blocking.



Chinchilla Hayrack

Chinchilla Metal Safe Hay Rack Feeding

Hay can be placed directly on shelves or at the bottom of cage. However, hay will be scattered everywhere and also chin can urinate on the hay making it inedible. A hayrack eliminates all these problems. Therefore, it is advisable to have one. Hay racks come in a difference of varieties. Most hay racks clip on the inside of the cage. Some cages come with a hayrack incorporated into the design.



Chinchilla Wooden Hut House Sleep RestChinchilla House – Hut


Chinchillas in order to feel secure and be able to sleep peacefully they will need a hut. The hut is best made of solid, untreated pinewood. There also hay houses. They need to be at least 9″ by 9″ in size, with openings on one or more sides. Watch for nails or screws that hut may contain. Chins will chew the wood around the nail or screw and expose them so supervise these huts often to remove these nails or screws. The position of the hut could be placed high or low it does not matter. It has noticed though chinchilla prefer his house at the middle shelve if you have more than 3 levels cage or at the highest level if that is the second level. This is not a rule as it has also noticed that some chins prefer to sleep to the lowest level of cage even if they have their house to the first or second level. Another thing you should consider is that chins want to move things and decorate their cage by their own! If they can move the house because is not fixed they will surely move it around and sometimes they will not move it for some time cause they are happy with this new position. So chinchillas surely know and like to decorate their own place!


Chinchilla Shelves – Toys

Chinchilla Eating Branch

Chinchilla cages need shelves so the chinchilla can jump onto as play and exercise and also rest upon. All shelving must be made from untreated pinewood and securely fitted to the frame of the cage so it cannot move or fall down. Shelving also should not be far away to each other so a chinchilla can jump freely between them. Wooden stacks are an excellent source of entertainment and shelving for chinchilla. They are small branches covered with bark, interlocked with wire that can be bent in different directions to make also arches, slopes and houses or be used as hideaways. Tree Branches off certain trees are a fantastic accessory to any chinchilla cage. A chinchilla will gnaw on the bark, which is a great material-aid to help file their ever-growing teeth and they can be used a climbing or jumping apparatus as well. Ensure any tree branches you use are secured within the cage, wedging them between the holes of the wire mesh so they are unmovable and only provide branches off trees you know are to be safe and untreated. All these can serve as shelves, toys and chew. These are necessary for your cage. Chinchilla must chew, run and jump. As chinchillas are rodents, they have a natural instinct to chew in order to keep their teeth ground down. If they do not have woods to chew they will rapid develop very serious and deadly dental problems. Keep their cage fresh of these accessories cause some of them from chewing they disappear very fast!

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